Our Mission

Thrive Mahoning Valley works to create a more welcoming and equitable community while striving to connect new and current residents to economic, social, and educational opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is for the Mahoning Valley to be recognized as a community that is welcoming to all. By cultivating a culture of inclusion & equity, and setting the table for regional economic growth, we can bring together the communities of the Mahoning Valley to Thrive for generations to come.

Our Goals

Promote the four components of cultural competency: a) awareness of one's own cultural world-view, b) attitude towards cultural differences, c) knowledge of different cultural practices and world-views, and d) cross-cultural skills.

  • Act to promote more local organizations attending equity and anti-racism education and trainings
  • Elevate the voices of the most marginalized folks through advocacy and education to better foster understanding of shared life experiences
  • Work with community partners to Increase cultural and linguistic accessibility of community and government services.

Develop localized policy guidelines as the foundation for future advocacy and community education around the concepts of welcoming and belonging

  • Develop policy guidelines for the Mahoning Valley that take inspiration from the Welcoming Standard
  • Advocate for policy change so that our communities are better aligned with the Welcoming Standard

Communicate the concept of welcoming and belonging by actively engaging with local initiatives through organizational and community partnerships

  • Host annual Welcoming Week festivities in the Mahoning Valley to highlight the benefits of becoming a welcoming community
  • Work to better understand all of the positive impacts that immigrants bring to the community including cultural and economic through anecdotal and quantifiable data and disseminate that information.
  • Promote regional economic growth through the active engagement of individuals, civic, cultural, corporate, faith-based, nonprofit and educational institutions.

Community Resource Guide (English and Spanish)

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Mental Health

Salud Mental

Senior Care

Cuidado para los Ancianos

Child Care

Cuidado para los Niños



Household Goods

Artículos para el hogar

Insurance/ Benefits






Federal and State Resources

Recursos Federales y Estatales

Spiritual Needs

Necesidades Espirituales

Hospitals / Medical / Immunizations

Hospitales/ Médicos/ Inmunizaciones

Drug / Alcohol Recovery

Recuperación de Drogas/ Alcohol